CTMS Tech Club

Tech Club is run by Mrs. Waddell and will meet Fridays at 7:00am. This year we will be focusing on building cars and competing in the solar sprint competition. With the 3D printer, students will have the opportunity to design parts for their cars and print them out.

When we get closer to the competition, we will (out of necessity) have meetings after school to test our cars in the sun.

We will meet after school on the following dates until 3:30pm:
Tuesday, April 10
Thursday, April 12
Tuesday, April 17
Thursday, April 19

We will NOT meet on Friday mornings during the weeks we meet after school.

Students must have a prompt pickup at 3:30pm because Mrs. Waddell cannot leave until all students are picked up. Parents, please be respectful of Mrs. Waddell's time.

We will have our internal competition during school the week of April 23 to determine which 3 teams will compete in the regional competition. 

You must attend 90% of the meetings and work on your car in school in order to participate in the competition.

If you have any questions, you can email me.

Please fill out the permission form and submit it to Mrs. Waddell.